Brand & concept porfolio

Marché International represents a multi-faceted brand and concept portfolio featuring an exceptionally diverse range of food service solutions in busy locations such as highways, airports, railway stations, zoos and urban centers. The portfolio is occasionally enhanced with suitable licensed brands.


We focus on freshness, indulgence and innovation

Marché Mövenpick

Reinterpreted marketplace cuisine with live cooking and 35 years of tradition.

Palavrion Grill & Bar

Light, Mediterranean-style grilled cuisine in a trendy setting.

Mövenpick restaurants

A traditional, full-service restaurant for your culinary enjoyment.

Cindy’s Diner

Fresh gourmet burgers in an authentic 50s-style atmosphere.

In the PLAZA security area at Hamburg Airport

Mövenpick Café

Enjoy top-class coffee specialties in style.


Fast and healthy food to go.

White Monkey - Pizza Lab & Bar

The Italian-inspired, young restaurant with pizza-revolution.

Individual concepts

Extraordinarily versatile and tailored to each location

In addition our own brands, we offer a multifaceted portfolio of concepts.

As an attractive business partner with extensive expertise and an awareness of the latest innovative culinary trends, Marché International carries out planning, development and implementation all under one roof – tailored to suit any location and meet individual customer requirements.

San Pino

The taste of the South: San Pino stands for popular, Mediterranean cuisine – home-baked pizzas, savory pasta and light salads offer connoisseurs indulgence like people enjoy in the south.

Dusseldorf Airport (DE)

Hamburg Airport (DE)


The Chalet serves hearty tartines made from crusty, rustic mixed-grain bread baked fresh in the in-house bakery.


"Un Intermezzo Italiano": a typical Italian break. Tramezzini, bruschetta, focaccia, antipasti and, of course, dolce make up the menu, which is always freshly prepared. There are of course Caffè specialties from the large espresso machine as well as Italian wines, beers, cocktails and digestives.

Palmensaal restaurant

In the full-service Palmensaal restaurant, visitors to Leipzig Zoo can enjoy refreshing food and beverages in the elegant, palm-lined space next to the historical concert garden:

Zoo Leipzig

Africambo Lodge

The Africambo Lodge allows visitors of Magdeburg Zoo to experience the essence of Africa. The themed Marché Mövenpick branch serves African cuisine while offering a breathtaking view of the Ethiopian highlands from the terrace.

Magdeburg Zoo (DE)

Highway Hotels

Highway Hotels offer convenient, comfortable, high value accommodation in highway rest areas.

Locations: Hotel Hünxe Ost (DE), Hotel Ravna Gora (HR), Hotel Draganic (HR), Hotel Rygge Vest (NO), Hotel Lier Sor (NO)

Mövenpick Meet & Dine

With their professional infrastructure – which includes delicious Mövenpick quality food and drink – the Mövenpick Meet & Dine Conference Centers are the ideal venue for productive meetings.

Go to Meet & Dine


In the sports bar, guests can order long drinks, cocktails and a wide selection of specialty beers as well as freshly tapped draught beer. The food menu includes everything from small snacks to our tasty pretzel options.

Dusseldorf Airport (DE)

Hannover Airport (DE)

Licensed brands

Selective additions to our portfolio

Marché International also carries licensed brands. They supplement the own brands and concepts in selected locations.


We’re more than just a restaurant – we’re an experience. A really good place to have a great time with friends, colleagues or family and to enjoy the best from our grill or bar.

BEEF! Grill & Bar Frankfurt

Ibis Hotels

With 1,800 hotels worldwide, Ibis offers contemporary accommodation at great prices.

Ibis Vienna Airport Hotel (AT)

IBIS Wörthersee Hotels (AT):

Starbucks Coffee

The Starbucks experience: Premium coffee, dedicated staff, social responsibility and a place to spend time between home and work.

Starbucks Hamburg Airport (DE)

Gosch Sylt

Ahoy: Gosch Sylt provides an elegant way to pass the time at the airport, offering a delicious range of fish and seafood specialties such as oysters, prawns and salmon.

Gosch Sylt Hamburg Airport (DE)

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