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Working with the Food Lovers’ Company means:

  • Embracing hospitality and service and combining it with a passion for front-cooking and fresh cuisine.
  • Becoming one of the 2,200 employees at over 140 businesses in 6 countries and helping us to shape the successful history of Marché International.
  • Celebrating success and living quality: our concepts have been earned recognition numerous times.
  • Constant professional development, either during internal management courses or as part of regular training programs organized in the individual businesses.
  • Contributing your own strengths and using opportunities. We recruit most of our managers from our existing teams.
  • Benefiting from our internationality and our versatile concepts – we arrange stays abroad and internal transfers quickly and smoothly.


Ours are right.

We focus on opportunities and are breaking new ground. We consistently inspire our guests.

We take the initiative. Every single one of us. And always focus on the essentials.

We set ourselves ambitious goals. And pull together as a team whose members respect one other.

Whatever we're doing, we keep it simple. This brings clarity to all our work together, creating results we can rely on.


We want you to be happy with us.

Work-life balance

Catering does not mean 9 to 5. We plan our schedules far ahead of time and take your needs into account. We make sure that you can relax and recharge in your free time.

We count on you

We truly appreciate it if you cover each other during peak times and stay flexible. In return, we offer flexible schedules.

We are team players

Our Team Player Card allows you to enjoy the fresh products of all Marché International restaurants for half the price.

Space for individuality

Your ideas are welcome at any time. Never hesitate to tell us what you think. You can contribute personally to our business success.

We are cosmopolitan

Our international team members treat each other with fairness and warmth. We speak in the local language in order to include everyone.

We are there for you

Do you have any concerns? Our managers will listen to you and support you with open ears and great compassion.


From colleagues.

“I am particularly enthusiastic about the variety – our restaurants are completely different, yet they are all living, breathing examples of hospitality and enjoyment.”

Nico Heinzelmann, Project Manager at Marché International

“I am glad that I was able to get back to my career after my children were born. The flexible schedules make things a lot easier.”

Noémi Kitley, employee at Marché Mosonmagyarovar (HU)

Warmth is the most important ingredient when it comes to food services.


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